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Customize a product it means to dedicate full attention to those who will use it:
is a gesture that communicates love for details and requirements.
This is especially true for a gift, that's why Carthusia customize the product packaging. This makes it easy to make a gift for a loved one who will find his name on the packaging, on the decorations, even glass perfume. Even those organizing meetings and conferences can take advantage of this service, and welcome the participants with their brand on every package on every bottle.

 Still a few examples:
Customizations Carthusia are perfect with the names of celebrated to honor an anniversary or occasion during a team building weekend with employees in a farmhouse and a product Carthusia signed by the company can make a difference.
Opportunities to give a product Carthusia abound. A perfume, a body lotion, a scented candle, a speaker environment: the choice is wide but is also personalize the gift that makes it special.

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Giving a fragrance Carthusia can make a difference.


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