Bergamot Scented Water

Bergamot, yellow as the warm energy of the summer sunlight.

Whosoever lands on the island may find bergamot orange trees neatly lining the paths of the villas, or else cropping up from behind walls along the island roads, their dense dark-green locks betraying here and there an intense yellow colour and a captivating fragrance.

It is that very scent that inspired Carthusia in its seach for new seductive elixirs from Capri's wild nature.


The active freshness of bergamot is enhanced by the orange, lime and angelica that wash over the senses in a lively euphoria, that is softly transformed into a bouquet of jasmine, clary sage and star anise, acquiring the sober elegance of the base notes, in tones ranging from cedar wood to amber.

A fragrance that expresses the boundless exuberance of Capri, allowing one to experience its colours, its lights and its atmosphere as if it was a daydream.

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Fragrance Bergamot
Olfactory Family Fresh - Aromatic
Size 100 ml
Gender Unisex
Typology Scented Water

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