Capri Forget Me Not Talc

In its name a promise “Capri Forget Me Not”, the Capri of bygone days that inspired this fragrance.

Don't forget Capri, but don't let Capri forget you either: a hearty and original perfume for the man or woman who doesn't wish to pass unnoticed.


The talcum powder Forget-Me-Not reminds of Summer. Its mint component is light and tonifying, and its freshness mixes with the sweet and slightly frivolous features of vanilla, while the essence of fig completes this masterpiece; Mediterranean and strong essences, but cuddled by the blossom-filled notes of jasmine and hyacinth that moderate its impulsive nature.

Radiant, carefree and lively: the Capri of the 1960’s. This is the essence of Capri Forget Me Not, cradled in a packaging that cheerfully reproduces the distinctive places of the Island. Capri, the unforgettable. Capri, forget me not.

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More Information
Fragrance Capri Forget Me Not
Olfactory Family Citrus - Musky
Size 100 gr
Gender Unisex
Typology Talc
Olfactory Pyramid