Samples Fragrance Kit


Even though new technology is marvellous, we are still unable to transmit scents through internet devices. So why don’t you request a sample for your olfactory enjoyment and choose at home? Below there is a description of the samples groups:

MALE: Carthusia Uomo, 1681, Numero Uno.
FEMALE-1: Aria di Capri, Fiori di Capri, Carthusia Lady.
FEMALE-2: Gelsomini di Capri, Fiori di Capri, Ligea.
UNISEX-1: Corallium, Via Camerelle, Io Capri.
UNISEX-2: Mediterraneo, Essence of the Park, Capri Forget Me Not.

NEW: Gelsomini di Capri, Essence of the Park, Terra Mia.

The cost includes the cost of packaging and shipping, the samples are free

Additional Informations

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Size 3x2 ml
Typology Eau de Parfum