Carthusia Uomo Refill Soap

Dedicated to a man who eschews excess but likes to charm, Carthusia Uomo is a fresh and elegant fragrance that reminds of things like the open sea, fresh fruit, good Russian leather and recently spun cashmere.


A Shaving soap to use with shaving brush. A gesture to recall an ancient ritual. The soap is formulated according to the most innovative combination techniques and follows the new regulations contents. The soft emulsifiers on your skin, the emollient and natural foaming agents, make this soap highly performing during shaving, but also excellent on your skin in combination with the brush's mechanic action.

Additional Informations

More Information
Fragrance Carthusia Uomo
Olfactory Family Fougere - Woody
Size 150 gr
Gender Man
Typology The Barber Shop
Olfactory Pyramid