The attention to details is without doubt our distinctive feature, every single product is packaged by hand, with extreme care and consideration.
But what makes a Carthusia product really unique is the possibility we offer to personalize it.

Customizing a product means make it “exclusive”, designed solely and uniquely for those who will receive it. A special present to give to our beloved one, his/her name on the packaging, on the decorations or on the glass bottle will make the fragrance more unique.

Carthusia customizations are perfect with the names of the guest of honour, to celebrate an anniversary or a special event, but this choice may also be dedicated to formal occasions, to those who organize meetings and congresses, to the business world, to welcome the participants with the company brand on the packaging or on the glass bottle.

Giving a Carthusia product is always a good idea. A perfume, a body lotion, a scented candle, a home fragrance: the choice is wide but the customization make their gift really special and exclusive.

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