Carthusia Suites

Carthusia Suites

If we told you that three of our fragrances, Corallium, Mediterraneo and Capri Forget Me Not, have donated their names to three dream suites in Capri, would you believe us?

Here is the new Made in Capri magic unveiled.

Suite Mediterraneo

Abandon yourself to the fresh scent of the Mediterranean is a bit like opening the windows wide and breathing in the sparkling and magical air of Capri.
This experience has become reality thanks to the Mediterranean Suite.

Suite Corallium

Our Corallium essence inspired the wonderful Corallium Suite that bears its name and which retains all the character of this surprising fragrance.

Suite Capri Forget Me Not

The memory of the second Belle Epoque, during which elegance, eccentricity, force of nature, transgression, musicality, warmth and liveliness made and still make Capri an island of great charm. This experience has become reality thanks to the Capri Forget Me Not Suite.