A Unique Piece

The attention to detail is undoubtedly our hallmark, every single product is packaged by hand with extreme care and attention. But what makes a Carthusia product truly unique is the possibility we offer to personalize it.

Customizing a product means making it exclusive, designed only and exclusively for those who will receive it. A special gift to give to someone you love: the name on the packaging, on the decorations and on the glass of the bottle will make that fragrance even more unique.

The Perfect Gift

Carthusia personalizations are perfect with the names of the celebrated, for a special event or to pay homage to an anniversary.

Carthusia Brand

This type of care can also be reserved for formal occasions, for those who organize meetings and conferences, or for the corporate world, to welcome participants with their own brand on each package and bottle.

Custom Engravings

Giving a Carthusia product as a gift is always a good idea.
A perfume, a body cream, a scented candle, a room diffuser: the choice is wide but only personalization can make that gift truly unique and special.

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