Your wedding day must be perfect in every detail.
But above all it must be unique, unforgettable. Difficult goal when you have to choose a wedding favor for friends and relatives: will it be really special?

The answer is Carthusia Wedding

A unique service, which offers the possibility of personalizing the perfume packs with the names of the spouses and thus transforming the essences into a precious gift to leave to those who have shared the most beautiful day of your life with you.

Carthusia Wedding customizes every aspect of the packaging: we enrich the packages with the initials of the spouses and with ribbons and decorations following the color choices of the bouquet or dress. But if you want a detail that really makes the difference, there's nothing more beautiful than engraving a sentence or initials directly on the glass bottle.

A gifts become a remember of a special day

You can create wedding favors and gifts with fragrances for the person, for the body, for the home. There is no limit to the choice. Choosing a customized Carthusia product means transforming every wedding into an unrepeatable moment.

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